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To Smile A Smile

by Davina on July 12, 2009


More than just a smile

Smiles are sexy, comforting, appreciative, welcoming, fulfilling, bold, compassionate and energizing. Feel this with just one smile and without so much as one word.

There is more to a smile than meets the eye. More than 50% of communication is non-verbal and a smile is one of the most powerful tools of communication there is.

If someone is smiling while on the phone, you can hear it in their voice. Sometimes you can feel the energy of a smile without hearing or seeing anything. There is an energetic shift in the atmosphere when someone smiles. One smile can affect everyone in the room.

That’s the spirit

Smiling is a universal language that is understood by humans and animals. When I smile at a dog for instance, their tail wags faster.

Many emotions are conveyed with a smile and yet we instinctively know how to read one particular smile. We just know.

There is magic in sharing a smile with a stranger, a loved-one or a friend. A smile to the Self is delicious. Our soul speaks through our smile.

Recall those times when your eyes have met a stranger’s eyes and you’ve both smiled simultaneously. An unconditional smile is an expression of spirit. A wave without the wave.

Smiling releases endorphins, lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress. People who smile appear confident and successful, and they are more likely to be promoted. Friends and colleagues want to be around you and listen to what you have to say. They feel you will listen to them too.

Just notice when you smile

I was out walking and while passing by a house the front door opened. I watched a cat stroll onto the porch. As soon as it passed through the open door, its tail went up and it arched its back happily. I smiled to myself and felt waves of contentment. Was that what the cat was feeling?

Later, I was sitting on my balcony and noticed a man walking by. He was carrying two cups of takeout coffee, obviously bringing one to a friend. I imagined him handing this cup of coffee to his friend. I smiled to myself happily, as if a friend was handing me a cup of coffee.

Make a conscious effort to notice when you smile. You’ll encourage a stronger awareness of the feelings it evokes. They will become readily available to you; more accessible on those days when you might need some comfort.

Practice this, and you’ll start looking for more reasons to smile. You’ll start finding more reasons to smile and this appreciation will become a natural state of being.

Often the hardest part is being the first one to smile. So, start the wave. Celebrate the power of your smile. Have you smiled yet today?

What makes you smile?

Who do you know that has the nicest smile and what makes their smile so special?

Photo credit: PaiO

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