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Changing Seasons in Gentle Stride

by Davina on October 25, 2009


The Fall season shuffles in

“To be interested in the changing seasons is a happier state of mind than to be hopelessly in love with spring.”
George Santayana

It’s autumn in Vancouver. In September I found myself taking notice of the lush green foliage, realizing the trees would soon be bare. I was not looking forward to saying good-bye to summer.

I love the heat, the long sunny days and green grass; especially the smell of freshly cut grass. I prefer going barefoot. Listening to the rustle of the wind in the trees is heavenly. Did I mention the heat?

The lush green foliage I’d been admiring began to change into familiar brown, yellow, red and orange seasonal colours. Mornings were cool. Low afternoon sunlight cast a pale yellow, whitish light and shadows stretched long and narrow. The sun noticeably set earlier. Noticeably.

Taking change in stride

One particular afternoon I took a walk, feeling a little melancholy about letting go of summer. I became caught up in the sound of my feet shuffling through the leaves that blanketed the sidewalk and covered parked cars. People were raking them. Squirrels scurried through them. I could see bird’s nests in the branches that otherwise would have been hidden by leaves.

A father and his young son stood in the middle of their lawn, surrounded by leaves. They were holding hands and the little boy was motionless, staring down in wonder at the ocean of colour that surrounded him. I got caught up in his appreciation. He was noticing.

I stopped trying to hold onto summer and began enjoying myself, noticing more of what I liked. I took my camera out of my pocket a number of times to capture the beautiful colours and scenery.

Tree2Strength in letting go

This beautiful, young tree caught my attention. Two weeks later I passed by and it was naked. I was surprised that it looked stronger than it had with its leaves. Beautifully barren.

I started to look forward to cooking beef stews and spicy soups. Hot coffee in the morning tasted even better — imagine that! Snuggling on the couch under a blanket was cozier. Candles would brighten the longer evenings.

The sound of rain was louder on the fallen leaves. One evening I stood on my balcony in the dark just listening to the rain, sipping a glass of red wine. It made me shiver, in a good way.

I liked feeling cozy. Rather abruptly, those cozy thoughts gave way to thoughts of the next season to come — winter. I shivered; not in a good way. Some things never change.

What has caught your eye this season?
What do you have to let go of to enjoy this new season?

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