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This Effortless Brilliance

by Davina on January 23, 2010

My mindless indulgence

It’s Saturday and there’s no specific agenda.

Slept in. Languished over a late breakfast of bacon, eggs and fried mashed potatoes, with a good cup of coffee.

Ate breakfast AWAY from the computer after managing to comment on two whole blogs; a drop in the bucket compared to what waits in the Reader.

Did two loads of laundry. Appreciate having clean towels and sheets. Sliding between the sheets tonight will be sweet.

Unclogged the drain of the bathroom sink… again!

Mindlessly tidied up the apartment. Rotated the cushions on the couch. Shook blankets and rugs off the balcony. Swept the balcony.

Methodically swept the apartment floors; all the corners; under the couch; in the closet. I like my apartment.

Turned the radio on real loud for a while to block the noise of the upstairs neighbour’s vacuum cleaner. Damn them!

Returned the two movies watched last night: The Girl in the Park and My Effortless Brilliance. Both movies thoroughly enjoyed.

Returned two empty milk bottles to IGA. For the first time ever, made conversation with the guy in charge of recycling.

Asked him how he was. Our eyes met and locked for a few seconds. I knew he appreciated our chat; even if it was about nothing in particular.

Returned empty wine bottles and received a new loony for the laundry fund.

Took a walk to my bank and cashed in $25 worth of coins from the piggy bank. That piggy bank is over 20 years old.

Made a joke to the lady in line behind me at the bank. We exchanged an understanding smile about having to wait in line, though neither one of us seemed particularly annoyed.

Left the bank and walked to Ed’s Linens to buy a new set of pillow covers. Not too exciting. Great — they’re having a 60% off sale! That’s kind of exciting.

Under a rainbow

Contemplated having a coffee at Tim Horton’s on the way home, but chose to leave the noise of the traffic on West Broadway. I’d make myself a coffee at home and enjoy it in the privacy of my clean and quiet apartment.

Headed to a side street. Good choice; there was a rainbow in the northern sky towards the mountains. I would have missed it otherwise. It was brilliant. Hung in the sky effortlessly. Living colour. Going nowhere in particular.

I love how sometimes Mother Nature paints a symmetrical picture to a moment in life.

Stopped at the grocery store to buy a bag of Hawkins Cheezies and munched them on the rest of the way home.

A beautiful black cat met me on the sidewalk and approached for a friendly petting session. He left my side in a hurry with some orange cheezie crumbs on his head. A treat for his paw washing later on.

Arrived home late afternoon feeling strangely and noticeably relaxed. More relaxed than I’d felt in weeks.

Thought about why that was…

Simple: Had spent the day not thinking and trying to analyze everything. Not engaged in trying to fill in awkward space in my life.

I got a heck of a lot of random errands done without even trying. Things just fell into place.

Even better? This was solitude, well lived and appreciated.

Solitude is something easily lost in this busy world. I found it in the middle of the city.

Plans for tonight? This Saturday night?

A little Twitter. A little blog reading.

A lot of coach potato.

Tomorrow? Who knows.

So relaxed.


Photo credit: Nicholas_T

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