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13 Signs Your Ego is Driving Your Blog

by Davina on July 4, 2010

1. You want to be on TOP; better than the rest.

You complain because you’re not getting enough comments.

3. You are jealous of the success of other bloggers.

4. You hang out on successful blogs to draw attention to yourself.

5. You don’t comment on certain blogs just out of principle.

6. You publish a post because your numbers are dropping.

7. You’re afraid to check your stats or you check them too much.

8. You log on while you’re still brushing your teeth in the morning (ahem).

9. You’re offended because so-and-so is commenting on so-and-so’s blog, but not yours.

10. You feel entitled to leave a comment and take offense if your opinion is disregarded.

11. You don’t appreciate the time you spend blogging.

12. You comment on every blog in your community till you’re burnt out.

13. Fill in the blank: ________________________________

Who is driving your blog?

If you’re not enjoying the ride, the ego is driving. Fasten your seat belt.

Who’s making the decisions? When the ego is calling the shots, it’s like driving with a screaming child in the back seat.

You’ll constantly be distracted, you’ll waste your energy and resent the trip. So, how can you avoid blogger’s e-Go? Stop blogging; might work.

But, if you like blogging, keep blogging. Do something different. The ego likes the familiar because it’s easier to control.

Following, are some ideas to keep things fresh for your drive.

If you’re thinking, “Duh. I already know about these,” then go back and fill in the blank for #13. What ELSE would you suggest then, smarty pants? If you haven’t tried any of these, what’s stopping you?

1. Stop for gas (fill up on living): take a break from your blog for even one day a week; don’t check stats, read blogs or reply to comments.

2. Slow down. Take a Sunday drive, roll the windows down and let the fresh air in — explore new blogs.

3. Take control at the wheel: write a guest post for another blog — be the expert that you think you are.

4. Yield: invite someone to guest post on your blog — make room for another expert.

5. Pull over and stop where it is safe to do so. Throw the damn ego in the trunk.

The ego isn’t necessarily a bad thing; we can learn from it if we’re aware of our motives and are honest about them.

It will either keep us alert, or distracted. We can use the ego’s influence to steer us in the right direction and not into a tree.

When you’re having fun the ego can’t keep up. With that perspective in mind, imagine the impact blogging can have.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to write my next post, reply to comments, read all the blogs in my reader and check my stats.

Woo hoo! There’s nothing like the wide open road. See ya in the fast lane! *toot, toot.*

What other ways does the e-Go show up online?

What impact is blogging having on your life?

Photo Credit: Grzegorz Łobiński

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