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Timothy Hay

by Davina on September 3, 2010

Writing Challenge #10

Two days after the deadline for this creative writing challenge I received a last-minute entry. I relaxed my rule — after all, how could I say no to Jannie Funster?!

So, last but not least we have a future timeless classic; a fantasy romance entitled “Timothy Hay.” Jannie will take your inner child on a wondrous journey that will delight your soul and leave your heart singing. You’ll delight in visions of imaginary creatures, twirling and tumbling through timothy hay under sweet-smelling, hazy August sunshine.

Here is what Jannie said about the process:

“For me this guest posting process was fun! It was surprising how ideas wove themselves together from unexpected angles as I chose a random order for the nine words.”

Jerome the giraffe
was disappointed
in his typography
since his font fairy’s
untimely death, but
he thought it extra swell
that a fly named Rena
who lived in his art closet
and had recently planted a
magnitude of timothy hay
should fall in love with him.

Above is a photo of Jannie’s daughter Kelly and her cousin Alyssa at her dad’s farm in 2006.  A big load of timothy hay for dad’s horses!

Thanks Jannie :-) This was adorable and true Jannie Funster fun; right down to the photograph. It’s amazing how limitless the imagination can be, even when given a structure to work inside of. I wish I’d been a fly on the wall to watch you put this together. The way you describe this almost has me comparing the words to different notes and how you might play with their arrangement while writing a song. Can you compare these two processes? Are they similar?

* * * * * * * *

In conclusion

This concludes the 10 submissions that were received for this creative writing challenge. On Sunday I will post my version of these nine words in addition to another one that was written with a different set of nine words, should any of you like to practice some more. Of course, you can always choose your own words.

I am both thrilled and grateful for each of you who stepped up to the plate to play with those nine words. It was a delight each time I received another entry in my inbox. Grinning from ear to ear I would gobble up your words… counting (heh, heh) and making sure that you used all NINE words! You guys were awesome. Wonderful imaginations and unlimited creativity. Thank you for writing.

And to the rest of you… thank you for reading and commenting. I know these artists appreciated your support. If you missed any of the 10 submissions, here is a recap with Jannie’s of course, at the beginning of this post.

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I’ll leave you with a quote to ponder, the next time you’re feeling a little writer’s block:

“Good writing begins when there is a knot.” ~ Margaret Atwood

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