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The Write Impact Writers’ Workshop

by Davina on October 13, 2010

Write to the point

A writer with writer’s block is a writer on the wrong side of a box. Imagine stepping out of that box and looking at it from other angles; shifting your perspective.

Pick it up and turn it around in your hands. You can see the bottom, all four sides, inside and out. You can flatten it, rebuild it and put things inside it. It can be of use to you instead of imprisoning you. Story structure offers the same opportunity to a writer.

Story structure is a tool that helps a writer sharpen their focus and zero in on the point they want to make. It is a foundation that creates the space where thinking can rest, freeing the imagination to design characters and sketch out the story.

Using story structure as a tool will deepen a writer’s exploration of the story, their connection with their characters and the reader. It is a craft that requires practice and understanding.

An invite to The Write Impact

The Write Impact is a workshop I’ve designed for writers who are interested in learning and practicing the craft of story structure. Through this practice and with the support of a small group of writers, you will develop an understanding of how story structure can support your writing process.

Writers will practice:
Creating a model that is adaptable to the writing.
Pacing their writing by focusing on different plot points.
Using structure to feed the story and inspire the imagination.

During the workshop all forms of writing are encouraged to illustrate a given scene; even poetry. The idea is to practice shifting perspectives and cultivating characters in relation to the plot points in the story structure. Participants may develop an anthology of prose, a series of blog posts, a short story or even a novel idea.

The Write Impact experience

Each week, participants will receive a short scene written by myself, plus a series of questions to direct their focus toward writing that scene to different plot points. For more information on plot points and story structure, refer to “For the Love of Story Structure”.

This process will show writers how each plot point influences the writing and changes the impact on the characters. Once you have decided which section of the story structure you will write the scene to, you may choose to write the rest of that scene, the scene that precedes it, the following scene or a complete story outline.

You will be encouraged to view the scene from as many different angles as possible. For example, you may write from the perspective of a character who is observing the scene or as the character’s internal dialogue while they reflect on a memory.

You will not necessarily be writing a novel, unless you are inspired with an idea for one. You may choose to develop one story idea over the four-week period or practice using story structure with a new scene each week. The level of commitment is up to you.

Group members will share their writing with each other in a private online workshop space. They will support and comment on each others work and are encouraged, as time allows, to contribute short scenes for the group’s use each week.

The Write Impact package and registration

In addition to four different scenes, you will also receive:

1. A detailed story structure outline.*
2. A “beat sheet” to use while creating and recording story outlines.*
3. A draft copy of Serious Undulations and its story structure outline. This is confidential and offered only to participants as a study guide.

*Adapted and used with permission from Larry Brooks at

The starting date of the workshop is Sunday, November 7th.

Space is limited to 12 participants. There is a minimum of 8 participants required for the workshop to commence, so tell your friends. Once you have sent payment, you will receive an email with a Welcome Package and further instructions.

Cost of the four-week workshop is $60 or $15/week.‡

If you have fully participated in the workshop and are not satisfied, your money will be refunded. Simply notify me by December 12th.

I look forward to sharing The Write Impact space with you.

Click on Buy Now to sign up and then wait for your confirmation email and Welcome Package. If you need to contact me with questions, please email davina <at> shadesofcrimson <dot> com

PS Credit for the design of The Write Impact advatar goes to Barbara Swafford of Blogging Without A Blog. It is fabulous!

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