Attention Writers…

Will Your Words Hook and Satisfy Your Readers?


Let Me Help You Light the Spark That Will Captivate Your Readers
Hold Their Attention From the First to the Last Page.

Dear Writer,

Are your readers really connecting with your words?

The fact is that many writers fail to get published or stand out in the marketplace because they don’t connect with their audience. Those writers have sold themselves short, while others have succeeded because they hired a first-rate copy editor. Sadly, a large percentage of talented writers are selling themselves short. With help from me, you can be among that group of writers who not only reaches their audience, but keeps them reading past the first 10 pages.

If your subject matter is smoldering or lacks structure, we can ignite that vital spark to create the impact that will draw your readers closer. Let’s talk. Your readers will be talking too.

Give Your Words the Power to Connect

Many writers write from the heart. When you put heart and soul into your writing you have no objective other than to share your message with the world. Sadly, passion for the topic alone doesn’t ensure that you will write sizzling content. Are you confident that your message is clear and concise, and that it will kindle a deeper, more emotional connection with your readers? If you are unsure about this, let’s connect.

Often, it only takes a few simple creative tweaks to illuminate the message behind your words. That is something I can help you with. Being a writer myself, I know for a fact that when I am in the zone I put my writing hat on and forget about everything else. Most writers will agree that it dampens their creativity to edit while they write. I can totally relate.

Do you feel that way too?

Stick With Your Passion and Let Me Stick With Mine – Together We Can Achieve the Greatest Impact With Your Words

When your pen is on fire, just write – the editing will wait. The thing is, many writers are not editors because when a person is too close to their words, making revisions is harder than doing the writing. Not only that – to an artist like you, copy editing might sound incredibly boring and time-consuming. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this yourself.

As a copy editor first and foremost, I see a lot of unstructured copy that is filled with the passionate voice of the writer. It has potential for greatness, but at best manages to evoke a lukewarm response – there is no sizzle, no impact. You can light the spark that will captivate your readers and hold their attention from the first to the last page.

Let Me Connect You With Your Audience

Editing with Shades of Crimson will give you the leverage to generate the greatest impact with your writing, without changing your unique style. My area of expertise focuses on structural and stylistic copy editing. Together, we’ll turn your manuscript into a written work you will be proud to call your own – something that both you and your readers will value.

I am passionate about helping writers sharpen their writing voice to help them connect with and satisfy more readers. I light up when I talk about editing. I’m pretty sure that if you are passionate about your work you can relate to this feeling.

Engage the Transformative Power of Words

My talent is to see past the words you have written and to artfully bring your message to the forefront. A master at removing the clutter of unnecessary words, I transform your writing to allow your natural voice to shine through.

As for proofreading, I’m damn good. I have over 20 years of experience and keen natural instincts. You won’t know what you’re missing until after you’ve hired me – “I proof you right.”

Your Words Can Sizzle – Let Me Show You

I would love to discuss your copy editing needs with you in more detail. Imagine what your words can evoke if they are filled with just the right amount of fire, passion and intent. Contact me today for a non-obligation chat/quote. I would be delighted to help you render the write impact.

I offer a free chapter edit. Contact me for details!

Davina Haisell
Copy Editor and Writer

For a more detailed overview of my editing and proofreading services, please visit Editing and Proofreading.

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