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Welcome, and thanks for visiting my About Page.

I have expertise with various stages of the production process, from layout and design, to proofreading and production management. My keen eye assures clients’ peace of mind, continued delivery of error-free marketing materials, and a consistent, recognizable profile in the marketplace.

As a layout artist, a production coordinator and a proofreader, I have collaborated with account managers, designers and writers. Experience with each stage of production has broadened my time management and organizational skills, and enhanced my attention to detail.

Skills I attained while studying Graphic Design allow me to proofread design and layout, as well as content. I’m a pro at spotting kerning, leading and font inconsistencies, as well as errors in layout, making me a valuable resource for designers and Mac artists.

My eagle eyes catch errors in alternative languages such as French and Spanish, and thorough fact-checking will prevent embarrassing errors in the spelling of names, and typesetting of phone numbers and website addresses.

For authors of fiction and non-fiction books, I offer a free chapter edit. Contact me for details!

Selected Highlights & Accomplishments

The Newsies & Pickpockets story

While editing this role-playing game guide, I compiled a comprehensive eight-page style guide for the author. I established typesetting style and hierarchy for terminology unique to the game. The style guide became a valuable tool for maintaining consistency of usage for a wide range of terminology: chit points, attributes, damage scale, swell dice, target numbers and skill types.

The Ogilvy & Mather story

After working the evening shift for a year, proofreading advertising campaigns, I was promoted to the position of production coordinator. I collaborated with a team of production coordinators, received briefs from agency account managers, and coordinated projects with computer artists and proofreaders.

The Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia story

This was a new position. I was hired for three days a week to manage the production of their monthly medical journal. I designed the new look for the clinical reports and developed processes to facilitate the production of three journals simultaneously at different stages of production.

Manuscripts were received from head office for the upcoming month’s publication, and abstracts were emailed to the translator. I formatted and paginated clinical reports for the current issue, couriering copies worldwide to authors for approval. Printer proofs for the issue that had been typeset were received for final sign-off. It was a juggling act that I managed expertly, while ensuring the journal went to press error-free and on schedule every month.

Visit the Editing & Proofreading page for more information, to view my portfolio and read some accolades from satisfied clients.

The Blog

Blogging has been a creative outlet and has connected me with an online community of good people: writers, bloggers, artists, singer/songwriters, coaches; the list is endless.

I launched Shades of Crimson in December of 2008. Topics have covered proofreading, creative writing, story structure, poetry and personal musings.

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