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Blog + Comment = Win

by Davina on January 11, 2009

One ebook, three winners

On yesterday’s post, This Ebook Asks, “Will It Change You”? I announced that I was giving away two ebooks to anyone who left a comment that day.

And then there were three. Pretty goods odds wouldn’t you say?

Three names went into a hat — well actually, it was a Tupperware container. I shook them up, pulled out two winners and decided after all that to make it three.

And so, the lucky winners are….

Jannie from Jannie Funster — a song writer who welcomes you to her “nicheless niche of a blog” with open arms.

Patricia from Patricia’s Wisdom — who blogs to be of service, because she loves to write and she likes to make connections.

Betsy from Passing Thru — who blogs to share about nature, travel, thoughts and dreams, and who shares her blog with her husband Pete who is a fantastic photographer.

Congratulations! I hope you three gals enjoy this ebook.

Quotes by bloggers

Meanwhile, submissions to The Quote Effect continue to arrive.

If you want to contribute to this ebook, with an original quote from your blog or an original photograph, there is still time.

The deadline for submissions is January 31st. Contact me to receive your Submission Form and choose The Quote Effect in the subject line.

Each week during January, I will feature a new submission and link back to the previous submissions as well.

The second contributor is Lori from SpaceAgeSage where the tagline is, Where Wisdom Fuels Change. Thanks Lori, I love this one.

“Many people can talk the talk. Some people really know how to walk the walk. But it is a rare few who get to dance the dance.”

The first contributor was Miguel de Luis at Wisdom & Life, where the tagline is, Practical Good Sense With Purpose.

“Generosity is of the brave.”

This is the title of a blog post he wrote about the fight against poverty.

So far, there have been over 30 bloggers sign up in the last two weeks. Keep em coming and thanks for all the support so far everyone!

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